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Logical Reasonings

A. A former lawyer speculates that Harvard’s decision to start accepting the GRE might expand the pool of law students a bit too far, resulting in a bunch of miserable lawyers. Fair, but she may be overestimating how many Poli Sci majors are willing to take a test with math on it. NY Times Op-Ed

B. Here’s another look at the ABA’s efforts to sanction against low-performing debt factories like Arizona Summit Law School. Inside Higher Ed

C. Rep. Devin Nunes temporarily stepped down from the House Intelligence Committee’s probe into Russia’s interference in the election, following a series of bizarre decisions that have been anything but intelligent. Washington Post

D. Senate Republicans look like they’re about to go “nuclear” to confirm SCOTUS nom Gorsuch, so here’s a quick rundown on what that term means and where it came from, in case you were afraid to ask. NPR

E. Come for the accounting of the President’s visits to his properties, stay for an early contender for the newspaper correction of the year. NY Times