Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. Although the rankings have apparently leaked already — stop wiretapping US News & World Report, Obama! — here are the top ten law schools courtesy of USNWR. Their relative ranks are withheld. Oh, the suspense! US News & World Report

    B. Law school applications and enrollments are rebounding, but the job market for newly minted lawyers is still tough. The Daily Nonpareil

    C. No joke. People are suing the makers of a “smart vibrator” — an adult toy that connects to the internet and the settings of which can be controlled by a romantic partner via an app — because the company was collecting data on consumers about their vibrator usage. LOLZ. Newser

    D. Always controversial, gang injunctions — which, among other things, prevent alleged members of a gang from interacting with each other — have gone off the rails, preventing a son from associating with his own father. Buzzfeed

    E. Security camera footage has been leaked that seems to contradict the Ferguson Police Dept.’s version of events in the 2014 shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. The New York Daily News

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