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Logical Reasonings

A. Find out where your preferred law school lines up on the ideological spectrum. Still want to go there? FiveThirtyEight

B. Hofstra Law School saw a 20% drop in bar passage over the tenure of Dean Eric Lane. As if that weren’t enough, just this week, Hofstra saw a 100% drop in the number of Deans named Eric Lane. Above the Law

C. The Writing Sample, ‘member that thing? That thing you’ll be doing early Saturday afternoon? US News & World Report

D. Area python dies after three months on new python fad diet, The Deer-A-Month Diet. Vox

E. Trump surrogate says, “There’s no such thing as facts anymore.” This presents a conundrum, for if that statement is true it implies that it is not true, since it asserts as a fact that facts don’t exist. Get ready for four-to-eight (or more) years of circular arguments. Talking Points Memo