Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. Thought you couldn’t love the late pop star Prince anymore? Turns out he threw Kim K offstage in 2011. Rolling Stone

    B. Faltering Syracuse Law School is offering an online JD program, and, apparently, you still have to suffer the Socratic Method. ABA Journal

    C. The Governor of Virginia, a Democrat, signed an executive order today restoring voting rights to some 200,000 felons. State Republicans are not happy. The New York Times

    D. Idiot Curt Schilling continues to refuse to apologize for idiocy, even after he loses job for being an idiot. Idiot. New York Post

    E. So, here’s a story about a guy who tried to take out a wasp’s nest with a homemade blowtorch. Yes, it ends precisely like you think it does. Stuff

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