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Logical Reasonings

A. The Rams are coming (back) to Los Angeles! L.A. rejoices! St. Louis weeps! ESPN
B. Planning on winning $1.5 billion on Powerball? Here’s a rundown of Powerball facts and figures. (Don’t tell your boss to go #$%! himself or herself just yet.) ABC News
C. Here’s an essay from yet another expert who has serious qualms about the value and purpose of the US News & World Report law school rankings. Above the Law
D. For the first time ever, a Canadian law school has appointed an aboriginal woman as Dean. You go, Lakehead University Bora Laskin Faculty of Law! Toronto Globe & Mail
E. Would you like to see more than 25 cute animals sleeping, often in ridiculous places and/or positions? You are so very welcome. Bored Panda