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Logical Reasonings

A. Google’s Ukrainian-to-Russian translator apparently translated the term “Russian Federation” to “Mordor.” If you are a Tolkien fan and Putin detractor, you will quickly realize that this was no accident. PC Mag
B. Nutty guy files nutty lawsuit against former UFC champ Ronda Rousey, complete with complaint that’s handwritten on college-rule, three-ring binder paper and allegations that Rousey is actually a man and intends to “judo kick [his] head into submission to shut [his] mouth.” Maxim
C. Uber and Lyft are successful ride-hailing apps. Is there a workable lawyer-hailing app on the horizon? Should there be? Huffington Post
D. Here’s a cool photo essay about working in The West Wing. Not the old show; the real thing. Politico
E. Finally, Erwin Chemerinsky – dean of UCI law school and renowned Constitutional scholar – recaps the 2015 hits and misses at the Supreme Court of the United States. ABA Journal