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Logical Reasonings

A. Carly Fiorina redefined political pandering for a generation this past weekend. Is it true that even bad PR is good PR? Gawker
B. Touro College Law School in New York sent out acceptance emails to people who NEVER EVEN APPLIED. Desperation is a turn off, Touro. Everyone knows this. Above the Law
C. A Federal judge is forcing LSAC (the people who make the LSAT) to pursue legal claims for copyright infringement in California, way across the country from Newton, PA. The Legal Intelligencer
D. Airbnb renters totally trashed a home in Oakland on New Year’s Eve. Not cool, guys. Srsly. CBS News
E. Aaaaaaaaand, here’s Channing Tatum lip synching Let It Go in an Elsa costume. You deserve it. (We’ll let you interpret that however you’d like.) YouTube