Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A) In case you haven’t heard, law school is expensive. Here are some tips on how to save up for it. Pen and Chisel

    B) Blueprint LSAT Prep courses for the October 2015 LSAT are starting soon! Check out the courses in your area. Blueprint LSAT Prep

    C) One entering law school dean says he demanded a pay cut before accepting the job. It’s a nice gesture, anyway. Wall Street Journal

    D) A lawyer-turned-novelist reflects on her time working at a big firm, during which she set up a Scale of Dismay to describe her daily mood. Salon

    E) Someone’s watched Up a few too many times. A Calgary man was charged after going for a little flight in a lawn chair attached to 120 helium balloons. The Guardian

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