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Logical Reasonings

A) What law schools prepare their students for the bar exam better than the LSAT would predict? It’s an interesting way to rank schools, although keep in mind that schools like Yale don’t show up because the LSAT predicts extremely high bar passage. PreLaw Magazine

B) Three “Don’ts” for law students thinking of transferring. US News & World Report

C) A couple of updates to the law sXXXool prof story from last week. Above the Law

D) A California appeals court ruled against two Christian parents that are suing their kids’ school district for teaching yoga exercises. The parents say the poses are religious, and the court says the parents are dum dums. Wall Street Journal

E) Can the $3.4 million car in Furious 7 really jump between buildings? And, more importantly, AWESOME#&@^!%!$ Vulture