Last Chance to Get 20% Off Tutoring!

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    It’s a new year, and in a not at all overhyped and cliché way, it could be a whole new you! While 2017 might have been a time of uncertainty about your future, a year marred by a disappointing LSAT exam, or a period void of motivation — January 2018 is full of opportunities. If you are thinking about taking (or re-taking) the LSAT, there is no better time to make those plans and to find the right educational tools for your success!

    As a former Blueprint student, I’ve experienced the benefits of their LSAT prep and tutoring first-hand, but the real secret is to sign up for Blueprint tutoring during the tutoring sale, when you can get the best deal for a short window of time.

    But the tutoring sale is ending today at 6:30 pm PST. This is your last chance for 20% off tutoring purchases with the promo code WINTER20. So make your plans now, because the sale ends soon!

    Blueprint has a wealth of online resources that allow you to tailor your studying to your needs and to study anywhere you go. But our tutors can help you get the most out of the material so that you come out of the LSAT with an amazing score.

    So whether you need the perfect tutor to supplement a full LSAT prep course, or to guide you through your independent studying, now is the time to take advantage of what Blueprint has to offer.

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