Last Chance: Blueprint’s 20% Off Tutoring Sale Ends at 5 pm PST

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    Boy, you like to cut things close, don’t you? Today is your last day before the September LSAT to get 20% off a Blueprint tutoring packageany tutoring package. And September is next month. Just a few words about tutoring with Blueprint:

    – All Blueprint tutors scored 170 or above on an actual LSAT, meaning they know the test backward and forward.
    – Most Blueprint tutors are also classroom instructors, and they’ve guided hundreds – or in some cases thousands – of students through LSAT prep from start to finish.
    – All Blueprint tutors went through a rigorous screening and training process, the same process that classroom instructors go through.
    – Blueprint tutoring is available in person in the markets in which we have classroom courses and via Skype anywhere in the world.
    – These guys and gals are also trained to help you get the most out of Blueprint’s substantial online and app-based resources.

    Your LSAT score is the most important part of your law school application, and it’s well known that slaying this beast not only ups your chances of getting into your dream school, but also ups your chances of getting offered big scholarships. In other words, Blueprint tutoring pays for itself in the long run, sometimes several times over.

    Get on this situation, friend. At 5:01 pm (2:01 on the East Coast!) you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting this tutoring tastiness hot off the grill. Just use promo code TUTOR20 at checkout, and your deep discount will be automatically applied.

    Our tutors are eagerly awaiting your purchase!

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