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Interview with Cambridge LSAT

Cambridge LSATToday we’re featuring Cambridge LSAT, a company that delivers real preptests instantly online.  Definitely an option to check out if you’re running low on tests and don’t want to wait a week to keep up your practice.

After taking the LSAT and preparing to apply to various law schools, Morley Tatro decided that he was much more passionate about the test itself than the idea of going to law school for the next three years. An avid test taker and regular SAT tutor, Morley was particularly intrigued by the “games” section of the LSAT. Sensing that test takers needed a quicker/more efficient means of obtaining real test content and solutions, Morley conceived of Cambridge LSAT as the ultimate LSAT resource center.

How did you first get the idea of electronically distributing PrepTests?

I took notice of the fact that students typically scramble to find extra prep material in the weeks leading up to any particular administration. All the typical sources tend to run low on the most recent PrepTests at the approach of each new test, and people are forced to pay for expedited shipping to get their materials rapidly. Even then, there is no guarantee that the materials will arrive on time. It struck me as odd that in this day and age of technological sophistication, a company had not yet offered LSAT prep materials in this manner.

How can students best integrate PrepTests into their overall study plans?

PrepTests can be used in many different ways. They can be taken timed, untimed, in their entirety, or in pieces. In the early stages of prep work, students should develop their familiarity and understanding of the test content and focus on improving their accuracy with the various question types. Breaking PrepTests into sections and taking them untimed can provide a solid foundation for later timed work. Once a person has done a certain amount of untimed work, he or she can take a diagnostic and begin to transition towards taking full-length PrepTests under strictly timed guidelines.

How was working with LSAC to license these exams?

It was a challenge at times, because LSAC has stringent requirements for delivering its content through the web. After examining a number of different options, they accepted the current method of delivery. Other than that, working with LSAC has been a breeze.

Will you be offering any other materials in the future?

We currently have logic games solutions for PrepTests 40-58, and will eventually have solutions for all the available games. We will be working with various tutors and test prep experts to develop additional materials, including strategy guides, videos, podcasts, and packages consisting of both questions and solutions.
How are you planning on working with tutors and LSAT prep professionals?
As mentioned above, our company is a radical departure from the traditional test prep company. Rather than compete with tutors and professionals, we seek to create mutually beneficial relationships with them and make it easy for their students to get the best prep materials.

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