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How to Stay Sane While Waiting For Your October LSAT Score

So you took the October LSAT. Whether you think you rocked it or you’re just hoping for the best, you didn’t cancel your LSAT score. Now comes the seemingly interminable wait for your LSAT score.

LSAC claims that they’ll email your LSAT scores on Halloween, October 31. If the past is any indication, you can expect your LSAT score at least a day earlier. That leaves two weeks from today, give or take. You ask: now what?

Your first priority, provided you’re applying this year, should be to finish your law school applications. Polish your personal statement, check to make sure that CAS has all the necessary documentation, and generally prepare everything so that you can submit your applications the instant your LSAT score drops.

But, you say, you’ve done all that. Now the uncertainty of not knowing your LSAT score is driving you up the wall. There’s that one rule on that one logic game that seemed fine on LSAT test day. But just yesterday you wondered: did I symbolize it backwards?

If you really must learn your LSAT score as soon as possible, get to your LSAC account page and start refreshing. At some time on the day LSAT scores are to be released, you’ll see an indication that they’ll be released that day. Refresh more and more frequently, and the odds are good that you’ll see your LSAT score a good 10 seconds or so before you would have received it by email.

A better, saner plan would be to distract yourself. This requires action: if you’re idle, your mind will go right back to your October LSAT score. Here are some ideas:

Go through with that elaborate Halloween costume that you always wanted to do but never had the time or energy to put together. If you put all of the effort that you could have put into obsessing about your LSAT score into your costume, it’ll be quite a costume indeed. And if you really can’t get your mind off the October LSAT, rope a friend who also took the LSAT into your plan; you can be a lambeosaur and an ultrasaur, at least one of which is not mauve.

Pick an athletic event and start training. Find something, anything, you’ve wanted to do, put it on your calendar, and get to work. At this point it’s likely to be something that’ll come after October LSAT scores come out, but that’s fine; after all, the nervous anticipation isn’t going to end when you submit your law school applications. Get to work at getting in shape, and reap the benefits: for one, you’ll be distracted, and for another you’ll be tired and you’ll probably have an easier time getting your mind off the LSAT and sleeping at night.

Find some form of entertainment that will obsess you. It could be a series of books, a TV show on Netflix, or anything else. The important thing is that it be something that captivates you to the point of absolutely needing to see what comes next. Channel your obsession into reading the next chapter, or watching the next episode, not into thinking about your October LSAT score.

Start a business. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. You could simply provide last-minute passport photos outside an LSAT test center for the December exam. Drafting your business plan and crunching the numbers to determine whether it’ll be profitable will occupy your brain quite nicely. One caveat: now might not be the time in your life to take on any additional risky debt.

Whatever you do, good luck. Get your eyes off that LSAC page, get out and enjoy the world.