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Going to Miss Your Early Decision Deadline? No Sweat

For many schools, tomorrow, November 15, is the early decision deadline. Some of you are overachievers who already got your apps in. This article isn’t for you. And, by the way, why are you still obsessing over law school websites? Take a few weeks off before re-obsessing over when your decisions will arrive.


For those of you who are still considering early decision — why are you reading this? Get out there and finish those applications!

At this point, you need to have your letters of recommendations, transcripts and LSAT scores in. If you don’t have those three things, kiss that ED application goodbye.

If you do have those three things, finish up those essays and applications. It’s the only thing standing between you and, well, sitting around obsessing over your mailbox waiting for decisions. A little slice of Heaven, no?

If you’re finished with your essays, there’s no reason to sit on your applications any longer. Give them one last read (out loud, preferably, so you make sure everything sounds good), upload them, and submit those applications. Then, try to relax for awhile. The adcomms aren’t sitting there waiting for your application; it’ll take them awhile to get to it.

If you’re still working on your essays, push to get them finished by the deadline. If you have a solid draft, you should be able to do a last round of edits in time to get your apps in. Don’t let those edits be the only thing holding you back.

So, again, stop reading this and finish those applications!


For those of you who were planning to get applications in early, but for whatever reason are going to miss the deadline, relax. It’s not the end of the world. Hopefully the others stopped reading, because I’m about to rain on their parade.

For most schools, the ED applications are, at most, a small boost. It’s more for borderline people who want to ensure a decision in their favor. You’re not going to get into a school that you’re completely unqualified for because you applied ED.

On top of that, schools are significantly less likely to offer you scholarship funds if you apply ED. After all, you’re committed to enrolling in that school; they don’t need to entice you with a pile of cash.

So, in short, don’t worry about it. Just work on getting your apps done as soon as possible, because it’s still better to apply early, even if it’s not through early decision.