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    People have talked for centuries about “June Gloom,” mistakenly assuming that it refers to the weather. No, precious, it describes the feeling that accompanies the dreaded June LSAT. If you’re not ready for it, June Gloom quickly becomes June Doom. Don’t want that.

    As much as it seems to be far, far away, June is really just around the corner, and most of Blueprint’s Spring classroom courses start this very weekend.

    If you’re in a few select areas, you’ll find your lucky self eligible for a huge discount* on a Blueprint LSAT Prep course. Because we love you so much, we’re not even going to to make you copy and paste a promo code at checkout. Instead, just click on a link below, and it’ll take you to a fairy-tale land where $300 magically melts off the price right before your eyes:

    Downtown LA

    Don’t wait, though, because this deal ends Friday, April 1 at 5 pm PDT. This is no April Fool’s joke. If you think it is, and you wait until April 2, the joke will be on you.

    *Discount is not combinable with any other discounts, may not be retroactively applied to prior purchases or outstanding installments on prior purchases, and cannot be used on other Blueprint products or services including courses in other locations and later courses.

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