Game of Thrones and LSAT Prep: A Match Made in Westeros

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    Fans love Game of Thrones for its intrigue, deceit, and wry humor. Of course, anyone studying for the LSAT knows that LSAT prep embodies the same qualities.

    Pardon? You didn’t know that? Fear not, dear reader, for all shall be explained to you (and in prose as gripping as George R.R. Martin’s).

    (Note: There aren’t any specific Game of Thrones spoilers in this article, but I will allude to things that are happening in the current season. If you haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, you should get off the computer, watch all available episodes immediately, and then return to the LSAT blog and read this. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

    Game of Thrones Example I: Daenerys’ big moment in Astapor

    Even with her dragons, no one takes Daenerys seriously. They assume she’s a spoiled little girl who will never even make it to Westeros, let alone win the throne. From the moment she arrives in Astapor to assemble her army, she is the subject of condescension and derision. That is, until she reveals that she speaks the slaveholders’ language and knows exactly what was happening the whole time, and she starts kicking serious butt.

    LSAT Prep Lesson: Confidence is key

    A lot of work goes into preparing for the LSAT, but on test day, it’s almost as important to have confidence that you can get the LSAT score you want. You’ll be nervous no matter what, but if you don’t trust in your own abilities, you’ll be second-guessing yourself and stressing throughout the test, which can only hurt your LSAT score. Trust in the preparation that you’ve done, head to that LSAT testing center, and kick some butt like Daenerys. But don’t set anything on fire; it worked well for Dany but will not work so well for your law school applications.

    Game of Thrones Example II: The real power players in the “game”

    There are some definite loudmouths in King’s Landing — Joffrey, for instance, and some of the lords from smaller households who are trying to ride his coattails to the top. The people with real power, though, are those working behind the scenes: Varys, Littlefinger, Tywin Lannister, and so forth. They stay out of the spotlight, but behind the scenes they’re anticipating and controlling every situation.

    LSAT Prep Lesson: The smartest person in the room usually isn’t the loudest

    On LSAT test day, you will probably have the pleasure of chatting with some people who are totally convinced they’ll get 180 LSAT scores. Those people will brag about their LSAT practice test scores and how the dean of Harvard Law personally called to ask them to apply.

    Those people will probably end up with terrible LSAT scores. Don’t stress about any overconfident bravado happening around you, and for heaven’s sake, don’t compare yourself to the guy finishing every LSAT section 20 minutes early. That guy is the Joffrey in the room, and no one likes Joffrey.

    Of course, there are some characters from Game of Thrones whom you shouldn’t emulate during your LSAT prep. Leave the wine-drinking and brothel-visiting to Tyrion. But Game of Thrones, in addition to being about love, violence, heartbreak (seriously, have you gone and caught up on episodes yet? I give you permission to take a break from LSAT prep), is about intelligence — one quality that the LSAT rewards in spades.

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