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Football Really Is the Most Important Thing Happening Now

Health care bill wending its way through congress? More ground troops for an Afghanistan surge? Abu Dhabi bailing out Dubai World?
In the face of college football, these issues are clearly of no moment, as demonstrated by Above the Law‘s coverage of a recent motion for continuance filed by an Alabama law firm. The reason for the continuance: the upcoming national college football championship. Yep.

The event features a highly anticipated match-up between undefeated teams Alabama and Texas. The last Alabama football championship was way back in 1992 and the whole state is apparently going crazy.

The motion argues that, “such an event only comes infrequently during a person’ s lifetime and is an achievement of such a magnitude that all involved in this litigation should want everyone to fully participate in this achievement.” It also mentions that, “Attempts to resolve this conflict directly with the Plaintiffs has been unfruitful as the reply has been that they are for the other great team in this State who did not make the playoffs. Unfortunately, that response remains short-sighted as they may one day find themselves in the same position that the Defendant attorneys are in…”

We here at MSS have no stake in the game (I couldn’t care less and Riley is a Bruins fan and they sucked this year) but we do understand that sometimes football just has to take priority.
So Hook ’em Horns or Roll Tide, but in the lawsuit, may the best fan win.