February 2012 LSAT Instant Recap

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    Love is in the air. And not just because Valentine’s Day is coming up.

    After weeks and weeks of rigorous LSAT preparation, students all over the country are lovin’ the fact that the February 2012 LSAT is officially over.

    But now it’s time to fall in love with some Most Strongly Supported LSAT Instant Recap.

    How did it go? What did you think? Were the logic games tough? What about LRs? Can you believe that reading comp passage about — LSAC PROHIBITS BLOGS LIKE THIS ONE FROM TALKING ABOUT SPECIFIC CONTENT THAT WAS ON THE EXAM.

    Oh, that’s right. Keep that in mind when you chime in in the comments. All comments will have to be approved by an admin.

    Without getting too specific, one Blueprint instructor took the February LSAT this morning, and reported back with this news:

    Overall, it was a straightforward LSAT. On a scale between Easy and Hard, it was a Medium. If it was a cup size at Cold Stone, it would be the Love It. If it had two siblings, it would be the middle child. You get the idea.

    Reading comp seemed like the trickiest section for most, featuring an opening passage with a subject matter that was alarmingly dense, a piece of cake compare and contrast second passage, a very difficult third passage, and another easy one for the fourth passage. But that third one was a beast.

    Logical Reasoning was pretty standard, with lots of assumption and compare and contrast questions. Logic Games had some tricks up their sleeves.

    But that’s just one man’s (or woman’s) thoughts. What did you think? Discuss the February 2012 LSAT in the comments.

    Just remember: Posts that are too specific about questions will not be approved. And we can’t approve anything concerning which section might have been the experimental section. Rules are rules.

    (Yes, even though the February LSAT is undisclosed.)

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