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February 2010 LSAT Blog Carnival


It’s time once again for the post-LSAT Blarnival. While the February LSAT has the fewest test-takers of any of the four administrations of the test, there was still some reaction throughout the blogosphere to the most mysterious of all LSAT administrations.

Seemie Now took the test on Saturday and cautions against assuming a section is experimental simply because it is easy. Seemie is holding out hope that cancellations on the eastern seaboard positively affect the curve, on the assumption that that is where all the geniuses live.

Apparently Georgetown students weren’t lucky enough to get their LSAT administration cancelled. Despite a foot of snow, the Hoyas had to march in and take the test.

MW opted to take the test at NYU and was awoken the night before at 4 in the morning by screaming outside her window. Despite the lack of rest, she made it through the test and is just waiting for the LSAT gods to pass judgment.

Law School Mama doesn’t think she did too well because of a tricky games section to start the test but is glad that it is over and is thankful for the best night of sleep she’s had in years.

K has an opinion from the other end of the spectrum as an LSAT proctor: “Whew, talk about being glad I was sitting on the other side of the table. Watching those poor future-law-students slink into the classroom, hunch behind a desk and whittle down their pencils to mere stubs…its depressing.” Not exactly an argument for taking the LSAT, but we always appreciate honesty.

All in all, the consensus seems to be: some tough games, and fairly easy logical reasoning and reading comprehension. Until next time, kids, remember: Don’t. Get. Eliminated.