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Don’t Feel Overwhelmed by October LSAT Prep (Yet)

If you’re studying for the October LSAT, you may be beginning to wonder what you got yourself into. The LSAT is a month and a half away, you’re working hard, and you probably feel nowhere near ready for LSAT test day. To add insult to injury, if you’re in school, odds are good that classes are starting soon; you’ll have schoolwork to balance with your LSAT prep.

After you calm down and get a hold of yourself, remember that you’re not supposed to be ready for the LSAT yet. The work you’ve done so far is important, but it’s normal not to have everything together yet. You have almost 7 weeks until the October LSAT. If you’re off to a good start in your LSAT studies, that’s plenty of time to pull things together as long as you stick with it.

The LSAT can creep into your life and seem to hang over everything you do. When you’re not studying for the LSAT, it’s easy to feel like you should be studying. If you feel this way all the time, you’re not getting the real breaks from the LSAT that you deserve. The answer: Make a schedule. Block off time you’re going to spend on LSAT prep. At the same time, make plans to do things that have nothing to do with the LSAT. The LSAT takes lots of study time, but making a schedule and sticking to it will let you feel free to do other things as well — your schoolwork, your work work, and a little bit of fun.

Use your new LSAT skills outside the test. When you hear someone commit an absence of evidence fallacy, speak up. Too much screaming and shouting may alienate your friends, but you’ll start to feel more confident about this whole October LSAT thing. You’ll start to feel like you’re getting it.

If all else fails, remind yourself that law school applications are down. It’s a good time to be applying to law school, so stick with the October LSAT prep. Seven more weeks of hard LSAT studying, and you’ll be poised to take advantage. Before you know it, you’ll be a lawyer, and that’s what it’s all about, right?