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Caption Contest: Win The Law School Admission Game

You can tell it’s summer because everyone is raving about the books they’re reading. Also, the United States is melting.

Well, if you’re looking for a new summer read — and you plan on attending law school — you’re in luck because here on the LSAT blog we’re giving away five free copies of Law school expert Ann Levine‘s latest book: The Law School Admission Game: Second Edition.
In the comments below, write a funny law school or LSAT-related caption for the above photo, and the five best ones of our choosing will win a free copy of The Law School Admission Game. To see what we’re looking for, check out the previous LSAT blog caption contest winners.

If you are applying to law school anytime soon, you’ll want to win one of these books. Levine has updated it since its best-selling release in 2009 with more information on law school admission essays and LSAT prep. It also includes expanded information on résumés and addenda.

If you don’t win a free copy, you can still buy The Law School Admission Game on Amazon.

Looking forward to reading your comments! Remember to try and relate it to law school or the LSAT.

We’ll announce the winners next Wednesday, July 24, right here on the LSAT blog.