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Caption Contest: Win a Free Copy of Ann Levine’s New Book

Law school expert Ann Levine has released the second edition of her fantastic pre-law book, The Law School Admission Game. As if the first edition weren’t insightful enough, Levine has returned with an updated and expanded version of the Amazon best-seller she first released in 2009.
Due to the changing law school admissions landscape, Levine has updated the book’s chapters on personal statements, optional essays, explaining your weaknesses, and even LSAT prep. The book also includes expanded information on résumés and addenda. Luckily, select contributions from Blueprint LSAT Prep in the first edition made it to the second edition. There’s even the following quote from Blueprint LSAT Prep co-founder Matt Riley splashed right on the cover:

“A refreshingly straightforward take on the best way to apply to law school from an admissions insider.”

The second edition of The Law School Admission Game is a must-have for any law school applicant, and wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got a few copies to give away.

In the comments below, write a witty caption for the photo above (the pilots, not the book cover). We’ll pick five lucky winners to receive a free copy of the book and announce them next Tuesday, June 25. Keep the comments unoffensive and funny. If you can tie it to the LSAT or law school admissions, you’re chances of winning are much higher. Here’s an example of a caption contest we’ve run in the past, to give you an idea.

Good luck! But even if you don’t win, you can still buy The Law School Admission Game on Amazon.