Blueprint’s “Be Kind to Lawyers Day” Caption Contest Winner

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    If you thought we were being kind to future lawyers on Tuesday by announcing our latest caption contest, wait’ll you hear what’s goin’ down today: It’s time to name the winner!

    For those of you who somehow forgot what the awesome prize is for this even more awesome contest, we’re giving away a free Blueprint LSAT Prep t-shirt. Here’s a look at our latest fashion line.

    Now on to the winner…

    We had several submissions, but this is the one Blueprint LSAT Prep staffers selected as the best of the bunch:


    So congratulations to Dan Sloat! Funny stuff. We’ll be in touch shortly to get your shirt size and address.

    And thanks again to all who submitted. Stay tuned to the LSAT blog for more awesome contests in the future.

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