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Blueprint: The Movie 2.0. This Time, It’s Animated.


In life, there ever-so-rarely comes an idea so rich in innovation and splendor that your only recourse is to share it with countless thousands of people so that they, too, can reap the benefits. An idea so ineffable that to even describe its quality would be akin to taking the entire ocean into your cupped hands. An idea so simply fantastic that the only thought running through the minds of those who hear of it is “why didn’t I think of that?”

This isn’t that idea (that was turning fermented grain into alcohol) but it’s pretty darn close.

Today, Blueprint founders Trent Teti, Matt Riley, and Jodi Triplett are unveiling Blueprint: The Movie 2.0. It is the second version of our online LSAT course and the best thing to happen to education since the abacus. Or the protractor. Whatever.

The old video course was awesome, but the new one blows it out of the water, sets it on fire, scatters the ashes, and throws it back into the water just to blow it out again. The big innovation with our new online LSAT course is that it’s fully animated. This doesn’t mean you’ll be watching a mouse with stupid ears teach you the LSAT; it means that as Trent Teti and Matt Riley (sole instructors for the online course) teach you concepts, you’ll be treated to explicative and hilarious animation from our team of highly-trained animators. It’s sick. More to the point, the animation is wildly useful for illustrating things that are hard to understand, like formal logic or why men can’t put the toilet seat down.

In our opinion, Blueprint: The Movie 2.0 is far more advanced than any other online course you’ll find in LSAT prep. But don’t take our word for it–check out some sample clips:

Matt tackles a logical reasoning question involving brain capacity:

Trent discusses different types of bait for this Flaw question:

Blueprint: The Movie 2.0 features:

– Approximately 60 hours of high definition, streaming videos
– Hundreds of hours of video explanations for homework questions
– Unlimited email support from veteran Blueprint LSAT instructors
– Blueprint course books containing every LSAT question legal to license
– 16 real practice LSATs
– A lollipop that will turn your tongue an alarming shade of blue

At $799, we also think Blueprint: The Movie 2.0 is the best value in LSAT preparation. It’s coming at you today so sign up now, or forever dishonor your ancestors.

Article by Trent Teti, Matt Riley, and Jodi Triplett: the triumvirate of test prep. To see more sample clips, check out our Youtube channel.