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Blueprint LSAT Prep 2012 Spring Expansion VI: Seattle

Coffee is an important component in what goes on here at Blueprint. So what better place to expand our live LSAT course than the city where coffee was invented*?

I’ve already covered Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Miami. Now it’s your turn, Seattle LSAT prep hopefuls. Blueprint LSAT Prep is expanding to the Emerald City, and you still have time to register and save $500 off the course.

Here’s how:

To commemorate our spring expansion, we’re offering our 5&5 Deal — $500 off the cost of the class and a 5-point guarantee from your first LSAT practice exam to your best. If you don’t improve five points, we’ll let you retake the Seattle LSAT prep course for free.

The spring Seattle LSAT prep course is 112 hours and features a revamped curriculum that includes a brand new set of books, six proctored LSAT practice exams, three end-of-the-course workshops for extra review, and three clinics devoted to covering advanced concepts of each section of the LSAT.

With this much good news, people in Seattle may never make grunge music again. To find out more, check out our Seattle LSAT prep page. The instructor for the spring Seattle LSAT prep course will be Yuko Sin, and the class begins April 9 at the University of Washington.

Register today — online or over the phone (888-4-BP-PREP).

OK. You can go back to watching Frasier reruns.

*Coffee was invented in Seattle, right?