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Blueprint Adds Six New Cities for LSAT Prep

Here we go again.

As you might recall, Blueprint LSAT Preparation recently spread its LSAT love by opening classes in Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington DC. It was a big step forward in bringing LSAT enlightenment to the writhing mass of pre-law humanity, and it went so well we decided to do it again.

Starting this spring, just in time for the June 2012 LSAT, Blueprint will open the doors to live courses in (drumroll, please) Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Seattle. Sorry, Antarctica. We’ll get you next time.

That brings our live course tally to 24 locations — 24 of the coolest and LSAT-iest cities in the United States. Of course, all of our expansion locations will feature the same quality LSAT instruction you’ve come to expect from Blueprint. Every instructor scored a 170 or better on his or her exam, and all of them were personally trained by Blueprint’s co-founders. Heck, we even boosted our in-class time from 100 hours to 112.

And here’s some even better news:

We’re happy to announce Blueprint’s 5&5 Deal, offering a $500 discount and guaranteeing a 5-point practice exam increase for all spring expansion students. That means LSAT prep students in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Seattle will pay just $799 before shipping and will improve from their first practice exam to their best by at least five points. You lucky sons-a-guns.

Before you invite everyone over for a keggar to celebrate this joyous news, let’s take a look at each new location:

Atlanta LSAT Prep Course

That’s right, Hotlanta. Whether you’re a student at Emory, Georgia State, Spelman, Morehouse, Kennsaw State or the GA Institute of Technology, Blueprint is your new source for Atlanta LSAT prep. Bring us a Coke for extra credit.

Chicago LSAT Prep Course

Who would’ve guessed a Blueprint LSAT course would come to Chicago before a Cubs World Series title? (Sorry.) Chi-town was our top priority this expansion season, and you can understand why with the likes of Northwestern, DePaul, Loyola, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois-Chicago and Northern Illinois just a few blocks away. So grab a ‘dog and sign up for our Chicago LSAT prep course ASAP.

Dallas LSAT Prep Course

Blueprint is happier than a pig in mud to announce a Dallas LSAT prep course, one of two brand spankin’ new expansion locations in Texas. Know who else should be happy? Law school hopefuls at Southern Methodist, North Texas, UT-Dallas, UT-Arlington, Texas Christian and Texas Wesleyan, that’s who.

Houston LSAT Prep Course

Our other new location in the Lone Star state is Houston, where you’ll find the University of Houston, Texas A&M, Rice and Texas Southern (and probably an alien or two in a bunker at NASA). So saddle up, Houston LSAT prep students. But be ready — this ain’t our first rodeo.

Miami LSAT Prep Course

That’s right: We’ve packed our Speedo and are headed to Florida. Give us a few weeks, and we’ll fit right in, complaining about the humidity and sitting courtside at Heat games like everyone else (if there are any NBA games this season). That’s good news for Miami LSAT prep students at nearby Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Nova Southeastern, St. Thomas and, of course, The U.

Seattle LSAT Prep Course

No Speedo needed for this expansion. Just an umbrella. Give it time and Blueprint’s Seattle LSAT prep course will soon join Starbucks and the Space Needle as Emerald City icons — perfect for future lawyers at the University of Washington, Seattle University, Washington State and Western Washington University.

If we haven’t expanded to your city yet, don’t worry. We still have our online LSAT course available anywhere in the world.

Except Antarctica. Still working on that.