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5 Things You Must Do the Week of the October LSAT

Today is Monday! The LSAT is on Saturday! Holy crap!

Alright, let’s calm ourselves down just a little bit. You’ve studied, things are looking good, and you just have to ride this week into a great LSAT score on Saturday. To keep you on the right track, we’ve got a list of things you need to make sure you do this week (perfect for after you’ve read the three things you should NOT do this week).

No. 1 on Your To-Do List for the Week of the October LSAT: Administrative Stuff

Double check everything with your LSAT registration, and take care of all the little things. Print out your admission ticket, make sure you have a non-expired acceptable form of identification, and get your passport-style photo taken. Most importantly, make sure you’re actually signed up for the October LSAT.

No. 2 on Your To-Do List for the Week of the October LSAT: LSAT Test Day Pack

Get together what you’re going to bring to October LSAT test day. Make sure you read over all the guidelines of what you can, can’t, and must bring. By now you should be aware that cell phones, purses, hats, and firearms are all prohibited. Read the LSAC guidelines, and then read them again. And then read them one more time.

No. 3 on Your To-Do List for the Week of the October LSAT: Check Out Your LSAT Testing Center

If you haven’t already, go visit your October LSAT testing center. It’s good to know where it is beforehand, and exactly how to get there. While you’re at it, find multiple places to park, or figure out the exact route if you’re taking public transportation. Find the room you’re supposed to report to. It may not be the room you end up taking the LSAT in, but doing all this beforehand will ensure that you don’t get lost, and it’s also just somewhat calming to know where you’ll be. One less unknown is one less thing to get stressed about.

No. 4 on Your To-Do List for the Week of the October LSAT: Set Your Sleep Schedule

For the rest of the week, you should wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. This will help to prevent insomnia the night before the exam, and will also help you to wake up fresh and alert on LSAT test day. The sooner you do this, the better. If you can, go to bed and wake up even earlier than necessary, just so you have a buffer this Saturday.

No. 5 on Your To-Do List for the Week of the October LSAT: Keep Taking Tests!

This one seems a bit obvious, but you should make sure to keep practicing. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Taking two or maybe three tests is sufficient. Just make sure to take them in as realistic settings as possible – in the morning, in a testing-like environment, without extra breaks. If you do this, Saturday’s October LSAT won’t seem like such a big deal.