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4 Outside-the-Box Reasons Law School is Still a Good Idea

If you’re heading to law school this fall or plan to do so in the near future, you’ve no doubt heard misgivings from those around you. Your parents are mortified at the cost and wonder if it’ll be worth it. Your friends think you’ll be buried under a mountain of textbooks, never to emerge again. Is law school worth it for everybody? Probably not. But here are a few reasons why it could be worth it for you.

Reason #1 Law School is Still a Good Idea: It’s the way to become a lawyer

It seems obvious, sure, but if you want to become a lawyer, you have to go to law school. So, assuming you’ve done your research, taken a good long look in the mirror, and chosen the profession of law, then law school couldn’t be more “worth it” to you.

Reason #2 Law School is Still a Good Idea: You will learn to think analytically

I know you think you learned this skill from your English and History majors, but you have no idea what you’re doing. Law school teaches you to think about problems and issues in ways that you never even considered. It drapes a new veil of consequence over the world in which you live. You learn to think differently about strategy and you will never look at things in quite the same fashion again.

Reason #3 Law School is Still a Good Idea: You are given the tools to do good

The rest of the world often vilifies lawyers (and some deserve that treatment), but you don’t need to include yourself in their number. A law degree and admission to the Bar gives you the ability to help those whose fate might be otherwise sealed. You can do everything in your power to see that justice is done and you can feel good about what you do at the end of the day.

Reason #4 Law School is Still a Good Idea: You can call out ridiculous TV shows

Get ready to impress your friends, because you’ll be able to learn how criminal trials actually work. No more of Sam Waterston’s courtroom bluster for you, no sir. You’ll wow people with your knowledge of proper objections and the procedure for admitting evidence. You may however, have to stop watching Law and Order: (Insert Version Here) because you’ll realize how ridiculous it is. Then you’ll have more time to go save the world, as discussed in #3. Enjoy!