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2014 June LSAT Morning Cometh: Staying Positive, Patient

So after months of studying, practice tests and hard work, you’ve finally taken the 2014 June LSAT. This should be cause for celebration, but maybe you’re not in the most jovial mood. Maybe things didn’t go smoothly for you yesterday. Maybe you’re worried about your LSAT score. And then there was that damned Logic Game. (“What the flip was that, LSAC?!”)

We wouldn’t blame you if these thoughts were running through your mind today. But keep one thing in mind: you’re not the only one. Were you a bit shaky in section 1 yesterday because of the nerves? So were other people. Did you have a less-than-stellar proctoring experience? Chances are someone else’s was worse (read some of the comments from yesterday’s 2014 June LSAT Instant Recap!). And that brutal fourth Logic Game? Yep, join the club.

It’s important to take solace in these shared experiences, because at the end of the day, everyone who took the June LSAT yesterday will be graded on the same curve. If that last Logic Game was hard for you, it was just as hard for other people at your LSAT score range. And yeah, you may have missed a question or two due to nerves, but so did the other students you will be scored against.

It’s understandable if you’re left with the lingering feeling that you “blew it” or could have done better. It’s kind of like an Olympic athlete training for a big race — all those months of sacrifice and hard work, but when the big day comes, the “perfect race” doesn’t happen (see also: California Chrome). Think of it this way, though: you did the best that you could have done, and if you were less prepared, you absolutely would have done worse.

Looking forward, it’s important to keep a positive mindset and not become consumed with negative thoughts about a bad LSAT score, especially since that bad LSAT score may not even exist. If you really think you did catastrophically bad and are considering cancelling your June LSAT score, that’s the subject of tomorrow’s LSAT blog post.

Also, we know that LSAT prep is time consuming, and chances are you may feel a bit of a void in your life now that you no longer have to study. So make sure you occupy yourself with something productive: do some spring cleaning, catch up on Game of Thrones, or take that juggling class you’ve always had your eye on.

After all, you have until approximately July 9 when LSAC releases June LSAT scores.