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10 Gift Ideas for Pre-Law Students

  • by M Hope Echales
  • Dec 04, 2018
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By: Becca Zeglovitch

Do you have an aspiring lawyer in your life? As the holidays approach, it can be tricky to know what to give the person who’s time consists of taking practice tests and stress eating. Luckily, Blueprint is here to help you muddle through the “pre-law gifts” search on Amazon and give you some solid gift ideas.

1. Pay Their LSAC Registration Fee

This option is the easiest, given that it’s just money, but it can also mean a lot to the student in your life. The fee to take the LSAT is $190, which could translate to a month’s worth of lattes! Even if your student isn’t a coffee drinker, this gift is guaranteed to be highly appreciated.

2. 2019 Planner

As you probably already know, LSAT students need to stay organized to keep up with their studies. With the new year fast approaching, a planner is a perfect gift for a pre-law student looking to keep track of their practice tests, study groups, milestones, and other appointments. A well-planned study schedule can fit into anyone’s busy life with a little bit of preparation!

3. A Blueprint Prep Course

If that special someone in your life is just starting to think about the LSAT, set them on the right track towards their dream score with a Blueprint prep course! From the traditional classroom course to our new Live Course option to the flexible online course, we’ve got the course for them. Or, if you want to give them a truly personalized experience, consider gifting them a tutoring package with one of our highly qualified tutors!

4. A Set of Blueprint’s Stand Alone Books

If you want to help your student with their LSAT prep but you can’t commit to a full course, consider our Logic Games and Reading Comprehension books! They contain affordable, in-depth resources focusing on the areas that tend to be toughest for students.

5. Dimmable Desk Lamp

When the lights go down, the books come out. A lot of students don’t have time to study during the day because of classes or work, so a dimmable desk lamp is great for these night owls. The one linked here comes with 4 different settings including “study” and “relax” that vary the amount of blue light emission, which means that no matter what they’re working on your student will be able to focus with light that’s easy on the eyes.

6. Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar

Looking for a more lighthearted gift? Maybe you’re a fun uncle or your student likes to clown around. Either way, this book will guide your LSAT studier through the intricacies of philosophy without putting them to sleep.

7. Portable Charger

With the LSAT going digital in 2019, students will need to get used to studying and testing on a screen. This portable charger is a wise gift for anyone who likes to study on the go.

8. RBG Coloring Book

The perfect balance between inspiring and de-stressing, have some fun with this Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring book! Students can daydream about their future legal career while calming their brains with some meditative coloring.

9. Brain Teaser Puzzles

For a study break that still keeps your brain engaged, these wooden puzzles are perfect! Even if the recipient never figures it out, it’ll still look great on their desk.

10. A De-Stress Kit

If the above ideas weren’t quite right, consider putting together your own de-stress kit! Include things like bath bombs, a candle, a novel, some essential oils, or whatever you think your student will find relaxing. The LSAT is a very stressful test, so sometimes the most appreciated gift is a study break.