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10 Gift Ideas for Pre-Law Students


Do you have an aspiring lawyer in your life (yourself included)? As the holidays approach, it can be tricky to know what to give the person whose time consists of taking practice tests, stress eating, and drinking copious amounts of caffeine. Luckily, Blueprint is here to help you muddle through the “pre-law gifts” search on Amazon and give you some solid gift ideas.

1. Pay Their LSAC Registration Fee

We’re starting off strong with the updated version of “cash in a Christmas card.” The LSAT fee is $222, which translates to a month’s worth of large coffees, dozens of study snacks, or a new laptop battery! Plus, nothing says, “I believe in you,” like paying the registration fee for the most defining test of their (pre-law) life.

2. A Blueprint Prep Course

After paying the registration fee, pre-law students need a way to prepare for the LSAT. Set that future lawyer on track toward their goal score with a Blueprint LSAT prep course! From our Live Course option to a flexible self-paced course, we have something for every learning style. Or, if you want to give a truly personalized experience, consider gifting them a tutoring package with one of our highly qualified experts!

Think of it this way: a competitive LSAT score can lead to admission offers from top law schools and hefty law school scholarships, generating competitive starting salary offers once they graduate. A Blueprint Prep LSAT course is the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Pencils or a Stylus

After covering the registration fee  and LSAT prep (are you sensing a theme here?), LSAT students will need tools to actually start studying. There might not be math on the LSAT, but they’ll certainly need pencils (with eager erasers) within reach when working through logic games. Or, if they’ve left the trusty No. 2 pencils in the Stone Age, a tablet stylus will work just as well.

Pre-laws planning to take the August 2024 LSAT (or a later test) won’t need this gift since logic games are going away, but anyone taking the test before August will gladly welcome this practical stocking stuffer!

4. Dimmable Desk Lamp

When the lights go down, the books come out. Many students don’t have time to study during the day because of classes or work, so a dimmable desk lamp is great for these night owls. This one comes with four different settings, including “Study” and “Relax,” to vary the amount of blue light emission.

5. “Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar”

Looking for a White Elephant gift that still matches the future-lawyer vibe? This book will guide LSAT students through the intricacies of philosophy without putting them to sleep. Can you buy this book and skip a Philosophy 101 course? No. Will you crush the Logical Reasoning Section after reading the book? Also no. Will you have a chuckle at the expense of Sherlock Holmes and Plato? Probably.

6. Brain Teaser Puzzles

For a study break that still keeps your brain engaged (and distracts you from doomscrolling), these wooden puzzles are perfect! Even if the recipient never figures it out, it’ll still look great on their desk.

7. A De-Stress Kit

If there’s one thing all LSAT students (and law students, for that matter) have in common, it’s the heavy amount of pressure they’re under. What better way to show you support them than by putting together a personalized de-stress kit? Include things like bath bombs, a candle, a book (a fun one, not something on Torts or Constitutional Law), an eye mask, essential oils, or whatever you think your student will find relaxing. Sometimes, the most appreciated gift is a study break.

8. Standing Desk Converter

Sitting for long periods of time isn’t great or healthy, but standing desks often take up a lot of space and can be pretty pricey. Solution: a standing desk converter. It turns any regular desk into an adjustable standing workspace that they can store when not in use, saving space and their lower back.

9. A Drink Tumbler

Whether it’s coffee, tea, plain water, or whatever their drink of choice is, tumblers are essential for anyone moving or studying on the go. Perfect for those early morning classes or late-night study sessions, a portable tumbler keeps beverages hot or cold for hours. You can go the basic route with Stanley, but any stainless steel option will do. Just remind your gift recipient to wash it regularly.

10. Food Delivery

Prepping for the LSAT can feel like a part-time job. Factor in college classes, real jobs, and other responsibilities, and pre-law students have very little time to cook three square meals a day. Make an LSAT student’s life a little easier by gifting them the joy of convenient food through an UberEats gift card or a meal prep delivery service.

Honorable Mention: A Soundproof Booth

Appropriately called a “Zenbooth,” this soundproof sanctuary gives an LSAT student the privacy to scream, cry, and cheer to their heart’s delight without distracting (or alarming) everyone around them. Maybe you can go in on this with other people as a group gift everyone can use.