Jodi Teti

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First name Jodi
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Don’t let the long locks and blue eyes fool you, Jodi Teti, is more than just  a pretty face.  She also has attractive elbows.  At least that's what her garden gnome told her when she was out planting radishes.  He also said not to put too much paprika on deviled eggs, but he was just plain wrong about that.

After getting a BA from Stanford in English (an utterly worthless degree) followed by an MA in English from the University of Virginia (a horrifying 30K accumulation of debt with no job prospects whatsoever), Jodi Teti began consulting with students to assist them in making their own life mistakes by going to graduate school.  When she discovered the a JD that can actually be paid off by a job in the field for which it was intended, Jodi Teti fainted dead away, then promptly limited her consulting to law school (though the occasional dentistry college will creep in).

Jodi Teti was the leading admissions consultant for a national test preparation company for over three years, during which time she supervised and consulted on applications for hundreds of students.  At some point, she decided to strike out on her own with Trent Teti and Matt Riley to found Blueprint, where she oversees law school application consulting.  Jodi's blog posts focus on law school admissions, although she dearly loves finding LSAT fallacies in Project Runway episodes and employing palindromes for instructional purposes.  Her latest for how much to study the night before the LSAT?  Not a ton.