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Back before I came to my senses, I wanted to go to law school. I initially took the LSAT in 2005, and I was hooked. That last sentence does not, strictly speaking, have any truth to it. But after not knowing what to do with with a German major from Cal, I somehow wound up teaching the damn thing. Which has been great, because it allows me to get by working 15 hours per week and waking up at two in the afternoon every day. This causes some people to assume I smoke a lot of weed, and I feel like I’m missing a big opportunity by not being a pothead.
I often find myself asked the question, “Colin, with such a great LSAT score, why aren’t you going to law school?” To which I usually respond, “Leave me alone, Mom.” This is usually followed by a plethora of follow-up questions, mostly revolving around why I can’t be more like my brother.
Due to a personality flaw I have yet to identify, I actually enjoy taking the test. This is partly because the LSAT is quickly turning me into an encyclopedia of the most random facts imaginable. I’m like a walking sack of Snapple bottle caps. I can tell you anything you want to know about dinosaurs, Thurgood Marshall, or peat bogs. Seriously. (Did you know you can buy peat in gas stations in Scotland?) Also, the LSAT and I share a deep hatred of astrology.
My blog will be about whatever strikes me as interesting at the moment, and how I can jimmy that into some sort of LSAT relevance.