Pooja Sonikar

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First name Pooja
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MCAT: 523
Education: Boston University, Human Physiology (2021).
Pooja has been tutoring for the MCAT since July of 2020 and has tutored for relevant science courses since 2018. For her, the best part of tutoring is using the way her students learn to enable them to maximize their full potential. Pooja got a perfect 132 on the Psych/Soc section and a 131 on both the Chem/Phys and Bio/Biochem sections and makes sure her students understand not only the content but also the experiments and key strategies. She also does research at multiple laboratories and is completing her honors thesis before graduating in May 2021. In her spare time, she likes to watch TV shows, cook with her friends, play the ukulele, and take care of her plants.