Mary Joy

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First name Mary
Last name Joy
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SAT Score: 175
Education: Dartmouth College, Biological Anthropology modified with Biology
Mary is one of those weirdos who loves both science and people. An outgoing senior at Dartmouth College, Mary spends her time studying why the human body survives, moves, and learns the way it does. A scientist at heart, Mary loves applying the methods she uses in her research to real-life problems (hello logic games!) and even more, enjoys watching them click with students she tutors in Spanish, math, and most recently the LSAT! In addition to being a student and tutor, Mary volunteers at a global nonprofit and spends her free time hanging out outdoors, trail running and mountain biking.
Fun Facts: In 2019, Mary ran the 37.5 miles across Joshua Tree National Park in one go and since then has not been able to look at a Cliff bar the same.