Why You Should Become Cram Fighter Campus Hero

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • We asked Caitlyn Lahousse, from the University of New England, why she chose to become a Cram Fighter Campus Hero. Read below to find out why you should join too.

    What inspired you to join the Campus Hero program?

    After spending so much time during the first semester of my second year trying to count minutes of Kaplan videos and make a schedule that I kept falling behind on, I was so excited to find that Cram Fighter already had all of the resources that I wanted to use, by chapter and by subject. It made it so easy for me to formulate my schedule and easily make adjustments. I wanted to share it with my peers because it saved me so much time and frustration in making my study plan!

    The Cram Fighter team has been awesome to work with!

    What do you think the best benefit of being a Campus Hero is?

    I enjoyed being in contact with the Cram Fighter team and bringing a discount code to my school for my peers to use. It’s not a huge time commitment but it’s nice to know that I’m helping my classmates study for the boards, I just want all of us to do well!

    How do you feel about being a local ambassador for Cram Fighter?

    It’s really nice to share what I’m using to study with my classmates and to be a liaison between the program and my peers when questions come up. The Cram Fighter team has been awesome to work with!

    Do you enjoy bringing information about new products to your peers?

    Cram Fighter is always working to make their products better, and it’s awesome to be able to share that with my class! I know we are all under so much stress studying for the board exam and to be able to relieve some of the stress is really nice!

    To sign up for our Campus Hero program, click here.