Why Joining AMSA Will Make You a Better Physician

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • Find out how AMSA is helping medical students develop professionally and prepare to become successful students and physicians.

    At Cram Fighter, we keep in contact with medical students so that we stay aware of the latest developments and trends for every step of medical education. So when we recently attended the AMSA national convention in Washington, D.C., we took the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Kelly Thibert, president of the American Medical Student Association.

    She shared her experience of joining AMSA and some discoveries she made along the way. Joining AMSA, she told us, is not just about checking a box as you follow your premedical track. AMSA provides premedical students with opportunities to get clinical experience and learn about the medical field in surprising ways. For medical students, AMSA helps medical students prepare to enter the professional world and become globally conscious physicians.

    Kelly Thibert As an AMSA member, I got to advocate on capitol hill and even go to do some clinical sessions as a premed. AMSA gives you the opportunity to interact in arenas that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to as a premed or as a physician in training.

    Dr. Kelly Thibert, President of AMSA

    Kelly also explained how she works to enact AMSA’s mission to diversify the medical field, advocate on behalf of AMSA members, and improve the experience of training to become a physician. Watch our full interview with Kelly Thibert.

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