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Which “Scrubs” Character Are You in Your Clinical Rotations?

  • by Ami Shiddapur
  • Feb 28, 2023

Scrubs is consistently described as the most accurate (and fun) medical show out there. If you’re a fan of the series, then kick back and read on to find out which character you mirror the most! 

Dr. CoxDr. Cox is your fierce clinical rotations avatar.

If another medical student asks you a question, and your first reaction is unbridled rage, you might be a Dr. Cox. You respect two things on the wards: hierarchy, and peace and quiet. You do exactly as much work as you need to; no more and no less. Much to your dismay, the surgeons keep asking you to scrub into their cases because your dry wit makes a 7-hour Whipple go by in the blink of an eye. 

J.D.J.D. embodies your whacky and wild approach to clinical rotations.

You’re in the middle of rounds. Suddenly, you blink and everyone’s looking at you. Your attending asked you a question, but you were too busy daydreaming about how cool you would look in a doctor vampire costume. Another time, your patient looked sad and asked for an orange juice, so you happily fetched it for them. Later, you stood guiltily in the corner as the attending yelled at the resident, asking who gave the patient food when they were scheduled for surgery that day. Let’s be honest—you knew you were J.D. even before reading this article. 


Your clinical rotations persona is the enimagitic, chaotic Janitor.You’re a force of chaos and unpredictability. We mentioned your name to your classmates, and they immediately started sweating and looking around nervously. Somehow, you managed to only show up for two days of your rotation, but still got Honors. 


You’re Carla, a blessing to all fellow students on clinical rotations.You’re the mom figure that all your stressed, overworked classmates desperately need. If you consistently find yourself taking the third-year students under your wing, helping them practice presentations and teaching them to auscultate, you might be a Carla.  You also have an ungodly air of confidence; we really don’t know how you do it, but even the trauma surgeons stay out of your way.  


You’re Turk, the loveable goofball everyone on rotation is friends with.You somehow know everyone in the hospital, giving out at least 20 bro hugs and fist bumps on your walk to lunch. The attending asks who wants to try their hand at suturing, and you jump up before they’ve finished their sentence. You truly believe there’s no worse punishment than being subjected to internal medicine rounds. Hands were made for cutting!


You’re Elliot, the chronic overachiever of clinical rotations.This one time, your attending complimented your intelligence, and you rode that high for the next two weeks. Sometimes, you catch yourself correcting other students during their presentations. You can’t help it! It’s like the words come out by themselves—plus, they could use the help. You get told to slow down quite a bit. Recently, you took that advice and slowed down by working on three research projects rather than four.

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About the Author

Ami is a fourth year medical student at the Nova Southeastern MD program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She has been tutoring for Step 1 and Step 2 with Blueprint for over a year! She is passionate about science writing and clinical research, with special interests in delirium and neurocognitive disorders in older adults. She is applying to psychiatry residency programs in the fall. Her LinkedIn can be found here: