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USMLE Tutors Forum — Powered by Med School Tutors

A core part of our purpose at Med School Tutors is to bring free, helpful, and proven guidance and information to as many students as possible. Now, in addition to our blog, webinars, social channels and more, we’ve launched our USMLE Tutors Forum!

Since our blog’s inception, we’ve answered students’ questions via their comments on our blog, and that got us thinking: There had to be a better way to help students get access to our tutors’ expert advice for free. Et voila! The USMLE Tutors Forum was born.


This is a community created by and for students and medical professionals, where certified USMLE tutors answer your questions. Plus, you can engage with your peers regarding various USMLE Step topics, with each Step containing its own sub-forum.

The more that you comment and respond in the forum, the closer you get to free tutoring! What’s that, you say? Free tutoring? Yup — we’re offering up to three free hours of tutoring in exchange for your contributions online.

As you contribute to/participate in the forum, you’ll make your way through the four levels of achievement: Lurker to Scrub, Scrub to Chief, and Chief to Legend. You’ll receive one free hour of tutoring for each level that you unlock.

We’re excited to share this with you all, and we look forward to0 interacting with you on the forum!