Rotation Woes: What to Say When Everything You Say is Wrong

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • I can’t believe that in my second to last rotation of my fourth year of medical school that I am going to sit here ranting about what I think of as a “third year problem”. It may be one of the worst feelings in your clinical years when you get off on the wrong foot with a resident, nurse, or even worse, an Attending.

    If you aren’t already in clinicals or 4th year you may not know how different it is than third year. When you are on a rotation in 4th year, you are often 1:1 with an attending in certain specialties. Normally, as a 4th year, this is a good thing: more attention, more learning, more growth. But there is that other side of the coin where as a 4th year you sometimes wish you could remain anonymously in the shadows, slipping in and out of the hospital without a trace. You’ve earned it, after all!

    While we have all gotten on someone’s bad side in clinical years, I have realized it is exponentially worse as a 4th year medical student, ESPECIALLY when it feels completely unfounded. For the next 4 weeks, you will now be 1:1 with an Attending that has dismissed you as just another’ lazy, unintelligent student that is just trying to pass this rotation. This tension is enough to make your existence so uncomfortable, you would rather stick a needle in your eye and swirl it around than have to spend one more minute on this service!