Prepping for the MCAT2015? Our Psych/Soc Outline Fills in the Gaps

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
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    This MCAT2015 project was born from a very simple idea: Helping students ace the new Psychology and Sociology section.

    We took the official AAMC content outline and added psychology and sociology definitions and examples that give you each subject’s bottom line. We’ve also studied the MCAT books from all the major players—Examkrackers, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Next Step, Barrons, and more—and indexed every AAMC topic we could find within their pages.

    The resulting document is a living text that will be continuously updated for you with the most cutting edge information available.

    So why are we doing all of this?

    Because studying for the MCAT is tough enough, and we want to help you arm yourself with the best preparation possible.

    Here are Content Categories 6A (Sensing the Environment) and 6B (Making Sense of the Environment).

    We’re updating and posting each section of the outline as we continue to amass the most useful information and resources for you. Category 6C will be up shortly.

    We look forward to hearing your feedback. Good luck!