Prepping for the MCAT2015? Here’s Our Expansion of 6B: Attention, Cognition and Consciousness

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • PsychSocOutline6BPartOne

    We’re creating our expansion of the AAMC’s official MCAT2015 outline for one purpose: Helping students ace the new Psychology and Sociology section.

    For those who haven’t seen Content Category 6A yet, we’ve taken the official AAMC content outline and added psychology and sociology definitions and examples that give you each subject’s bottom line. We’ve also studied the MCAT books from all the major players—Examkrackers, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Next Step, Barrons, and more—and indexed every AAMC topic we could find within their pages.

    These outline installments are living texts that will be updated with the most high-yield information available.

    We know how tough it is to study for the MCAT, and we hope this will help make the process a little less arduous for you.
    Without further ado, here’s Content Category 6B: Making Sense of the Environment — Part 1: Attention, Cognition and Consciousness; and Part 2: Memory and Language.

    We’re working as swiftly as possible to trail blaze for the rest of the outline. Content Category 6C will be up next!