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How To Review Your USMLE Step 1 Resources More Than Once

We explain three ways to give your resources multiples passes that prepare you ace Step 1 by refreshing your memory each time.

At Cram Fighter, we give students the ability to go over a resource again with our study blocks feature. Alex, a medical student and Cram Fighter user, told us, “I thought that doing multiple passes through my resources was the most important part of studying.” Below we list three techniques for reviewing your resources twice, or even three times, throughout your USMLE study period.

Review Your Resources at a Faster Pace

We find many medical students choose to review resources again to improve their recall and refresh their memory. Often, medical students increase the speed at which they review the material on their second pass, which means more daily tasks but less time spent on each. Alex told us that “By the time I started my third pass, I was ready for a high-speed run through of First Aid, spending about two minutes per page.”

To go through a resource again at a faster pace, create a shorter second study block. Set your study block’s end date so that your second study block is shorter than your first. Keep in mind that Cram Fighter always assigns the necessary amount of daily tasks to complete your resources on time.

Go Over a Resource a Specific Resource in a Different Order

Before your second pass through First Aid, take stock of how well you did on your first pass. You may want to change the order of organ systems you tackle, prioritizing your weak areas. Our 7-week USMLE study plan suggests going through First Aid in order on your first pass, but then focusing on weak points first for subsequent passes.

To use this technique for First Aid, you may want to create a large, overall study block in Cram Fighter. Then, create mini, parallel study blocks for each pass through First Aid. Each of these mini, overlapping study blocks can have their own sorting options, which allows you to prioritize weak areas.

I thought that doing multiple passes through my resources was the most important part of studying.

Alex, USMLE Step Score: 254

Complete UWorld Again and Review Incorrect Answers

Alex, who scored a 254 on Step 1, told us that we began reviewing questions he answered incorrectly on UWorld in his final study block. UWorld provides explanations for the answer to each question. During your last study block, read through the explanations for both questions you got wrong and questions you got right to reinforce the material.

For more information, check out our help article and video on going over a resource more than once.

About the Author

Erica Forrette is the former Director of Marketing at Cram Fighter.