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How to Develop Your ERAS Rank List for a Successful Residency Match — Facebook Live Q&A

Leila Javidi, MD, MPH — our Medical Tutor and Admissions Consultant — is back with some helpful pointers for your ERAS. She debuted our new Facebook Live Q&A series, and we’ve included the recording below. First up, here’s what Leila had to say:

“Choosing your number one spot for your ERAS rank list just may be the easiest of all…it’s picking the order of everything that follows that can be the challenge. In my experience, what is most difficult for medical students is taking a quality self-inventory of what is most important. I find that geographical location, prestige of the program, faculty interests, curriculum, the benefits and the overall feel are really the things that we are truly balancing when deciding which program trumps which.

“Are you a person who is planning to do a competitive fellowship or are you a person who is going into primary care? This may make the difference of whether or not a prestigious program name is important to you. Do you want to be a short car ride away from mom?  Do you need hiking trails? These geographical needs may also help you to choose your rank list.  And at the end of the day, were the people at these programs people you could see yourself jiving with well at 3 a.m. on a hard night shift?

“These are among many of the most important things to ask yourself when taking this self inventory. This topic along with more commonly asked questions are what we tackle in this Facebook Live seminar!”

Questions Covered in Our Live Q&A:

  • Should you tell your first choice they’re your first choice?
  • Should I rank a program that I dislike?
  • How does self-inventory help identify what is most important to you?
  • Should I take into consideration where I think programs will rank me?
  • How important is the prestige of a program with respect to my post-residency opportunities?



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