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Walk-through of 2018 MCAT Interface Changes

  • by Sam
  • Feb 06, 2018
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The announced AAMC changes have been a cause for anxiety for some MCAT takers. It’s not just the Test Day experience changing, it’s the exam interface as well. So, it should come as no surprise that there is growing concern over these recent MCAT changes.

The AAMC updated their practice exams to reflect the new interface, giving students the opportunity to get in some practice before they sit for the real thing. Representative practice is extremely important for students who want to do well on the exam. Taking practice tests that offer the same look and feel, as well as the same content breakdown and difficulty, as the real thing is the key to success.

The AAMC only offers three scored practice exams. For many students, that is not nearly enough. To ensure that our students are getting the most representative practice possible, Next Step has updated our testing interface to match the AAMC’s.

Students who use our half-length diagnostic and our 10 full-length practice exams will be practicing in a realistic setting with representative materials and scoring.

Format matters. If you are practicing with outdated materials or materials that don’t reflect the official exam, you will be unprepared for the look and feel of the exam on Test Day. With an exam this important, you don’t want anything to throw you off when you sit for the real thing.

See the difference in the new 2018 interface in this video walkthrough. Clara Gillan, one of our course instructors and Premium MCAT tutors, walks you through a look at the changes made to the interface in 2018.

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