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The Second Scored AAMC MCAT is Out! Now What!?

  • by Allison Chae
  • Oct 25, 2016
  • MCAT 2015, MCAT Blog, MCAT Prep

The AAMC has just doubled the number of official scored practice exams by releasing “Official MCAT Practice Exam 2”. The best way to prep for the MCAT is by working on official AAMC practice materials, so how can you best use this new resource?

Check out the guide below for how to structure your prep:

Content Review:

Any good MCAT prep requires a review of the basic science content. You can get this review by using a good set of books like Next Step’s Content Review Books, watching the videos from Khan Academy’s MCAT page, or signing up for an online course.

Passage and Question Practice:

There are two great sources of practice that will help you succeed on Test Day. The first, of course, is the AAMC themselves. They offer a product called the Question Packs and another called the Section Bank.

The Question Packs are re-purposed old passages from the old version of the MCAT (pre-2015) so they should generally be used as a last resort. Instead, pick up the Section Bank, which is official material from the 2015 MCAT. Then, you can supplement this with prep materials including Next Step’s QBook and Strategy and Practice series.

Full Length Practice Exams:

Aim to take one exam a week leading up to Test Day. Be sure to simulate the full test experience – take the exam under timed conditions, starting at 8:30 AM just like the real thing.

Every student should take the AAMC Scored Exam 1, AAMC Scored Exam 2, and unscored AAMC Sample Test. Well-prepared students don’t stop there – they typically take as many as 6-10 full length practice tests. That’s where a company like Next Step comes in. You can purchase a package of our Full Length exams to get the practice you need.

A typical testing schedule looks something like this:

Day 1: Take a diagnostic test.

Get a free half-length diagnostic test here.

Weeks 1 – 8: Focus primarily on Content Review.

Our online MCAT course is great for content review, whether you’re in undergrad or it’s been a few years since you’ve cracked open a science book.

End of Week 8: Take your first full length exam to assess your progress.

Your free account includes FL #1, which can serve as a great “midterm”.

Week 9: Change focus to working primarily on passage and section practice

Week 10: Full Length MCAT #2

Week 11: Full Length MCAT #3

Week 12: Full Length MCAT #4

Week 13: AAMC Scored Exam 1

Week 14: AAMC Scored Exam 2

Week 15: AAMC Unscored Test

Week 16: Real MCAT!

Don’t leave yourself under-prepared for this exam. It is far too important a piece of your medical school application for you to go into Test Day without confidence in your knowledge and abilities. Start with our free practice bundle. It includes our half-length diagnostic, access to our first full-length exam, and a demo of our online course.

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