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The Next Step Difference

How Tutoring is Different

Next Step Test Preparation is the only national prep company focused exclusively on one-on-one tutoring rather than lecture-style class instruction.

Every year, hundreds of our students come to us after having taken the prep courses – having seen little to no score increase. Time and again, we hear students tell us that they wish they would have skipped the prep courses (saving $1,000+) and gone straight with individual tutoring.

What makes tutoring different is the ability for our instructors to carefully plan a customized program. Most broadly, the pace and focus areas of a program for a student starting in the 130’s and a student starting in the 160’s will be very different. But even for an individual student, you’ll find you are better at some things and worse at others – and you’ll waste time reviewing material you’ve already mastered.

We help you stay engaged and accountable

Ask your friends who have taken the prep courses whether they were dialed in at 9:30pm after a full day of work or school. While prepcourse students receive lessons passively and only occasionally ask a question, our students are fully engaged with their tutor for the entire session. And, our tutors make sure you are taking the right steps and putting in the time to be successful – you are not just a face in a crowd.

“After completing a Kaplan course without as much improvement as I expected, Next Step’s  tutoring came as a welcome relief.  Instead of forcing me to follow a rigid curriculum my tutor adopted his teaching to my specific needs.  As such, we made big strides on my weakest sections and solidified my strengths.”
– Chris, Fordham Case Western Law School

Flexible Scheduling and Start Dates

Our LSAT tutoring students also value our flexible scheduling and ability to get a prep program kicked off within a week. Instead of waiting for a new class to begin, wasting valuable prep time, you could be working through a customized program that starts right away and meets on your schedule – not a company schedule. Instructors often have availability daytimes, nights, and weekends.


Nothing we can say speaks as loudly as the results our past students have had, even after going through the prep courses. Particularly if you are considering a prep course followed by a few tutoring hours, our past students have found that individual instruction eliminates the need for group work.

“Next Step Test Prep was by far the biggest reason for my score increase.  I took a Kaplan course and a portion of a Testmasters course before finding Next Step. In those courses I was in a class setting and if you don’t understand it you’re out of luck, because they won’t hold everyone up for you. So I ended up spending too little time on things I needed help with and too much time on things I didn’t. With Next Step you go at your pace 100% and if you don’t understand something you don’t just move on to keep up with a schedule. All in all I was at a better understanding of the material in just a few sessions with my private LSAT tutor than I was when I was finished the entire Kaplan course.”

GREG K, Chicago IL

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