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  • MCAT Organic Question — pKa

    Arrange the following molecules in order of increasing pKa: CH3CH2COOH, CH3CHFCOOH, CH3OCH2COOH, CH3CHBrCOOH A) CH3CHFCOOH, CH3OCH2COOH, CH3CHBrCOOH, CH3CH2COOH B) CH3CHBrCOOH, CH3OCH2COOH, CH3CH2COOH, CH3CHFCOOH C) CH3CHFCOOH, CH3CH2COOH, CH3CHBrCOOH, CH3OCH2COOH D) CH3CH2COOH, CH3OCH2COOH, CH3CHFCOOH, CH3CHBrCOOH   Explanation   Increasing pKa means decreasing…

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