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Retaking the GMAT? Major Considerations For Any Retake

The GMAT is a difficult exam and you may not get the score you want on the first try. If you’re thinking about a retake, there are a lot of factors you should be considering. This webinar discusses 6 of the major factors you should consider before retaking the exam.

Rich Carriero, one of our GMAT experts, introduces these 6 considerations. He will discuss the GRE vs the GMAT, sub-scores, “low-hanging fruit” or easier to master subjects/concepts, your test taking skills, your test taking ego or knowing when you don’t know, and when to ask for help. These are all important things to acknowledge, contemplate, and improve on if you’re planning to retake the exam. Watch the recording below to learn more.

If you feel like you do need some outside help to prepare you for the exam, consider private tutoring. A GMAT class can be beneficial, but if you’re retaking the exam you are likely stuck on one concept or struggling in only one or two subjects. One-on-one tutoring can really make the difference in a retake situation. To learn more about our GMAT tutoring, click here. If you’re considering the GRE instead of the GMAT, you can learn more about our GRE tutoring here.

Click here to view the slides from this presentation.

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