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Planning for the Pharmacy Cycle – Advisor Office Hours

  • by Allison Chae
  • Mar 07, 2018
  • Advisors, Prehealth Advisor Office Hours, Webinar

The 2018-19 PCAT dates have been announced and pre-pharmacy students will be starting to plan for their PCAT exam and their pharmacy school applications. Some students may still be concerned or confused about the recent changes made to the PCAT exam. The newer format PCAT focuses more on the skills they will need in pharmacy school and their future career in pharmaceutics as opposed to memorizing science facts and regurgitating knowledge. This change in the exam forces a change in how PCAT test-takers prep for the exam as well.

Sophia Stone, one of Next Step’s Premium PCAT tutors and Course instructors, led this short webinar discussing the 2018-19 pharmacy cycle. What do you and your students need to know to properly prepare for the PCAT exam and this pharmacy school application cycle? Watch a recording of this webinar below to learn more.

Next Step’s goal is to make sure that pre-health students have the resources to help them prepare for and succeed on Test Day. To ensure that students are getting the most representative practice possible, Next Step is constantly updating our exams and testing interfaces to keep up with the official exams. We offer a several free resources for pre-health students, including a free PCAT practice bundle and a free MCAT practice bundle. If they are looking for more practice, we offer several MCAT practice test bundles as well a PCAT practice test bundle.

We also have resources available specifically for pre-health advisors. In addition to our free Advisor Office Hours webinars, we also host a Prehealth Advisor Blog that contains articles and information beneficial to advisors and their students. Interested in working with Next Step? We are happy to partner with advisors to help bring their students the best possible prep at the best possible price. You can join our discount program, receive free MCAT materials, and more.  If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to Rachel Mead.

Click here to view the slides from the presentation.

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