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PCAT Biological Processes – Enzyme Function

Each of the following correctly describes an aspect of enzyme function EXCEPT:

  1. An enzyme will increase the rate at which a reaction will reach equilibrium by lowering the activation energy needed to convert reactants to products.
  2. Enyzmes function best in the presence of a large concentration of substrate and across a wide range of pH and temperature values.
  3. Those enzymes which work in the stomach function best at an acidic pH.
  4. If placed in a solution with no reactants but all products (of a simple one-step reaction mechanism) the enzyme will catalyze the reverse reaction and form reactants.
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Here, choice (B) is false because it states that enzymes work best across a wide range of pH and temperatures. In fact, enzymes function best at very specific pH and temperature values. For most enzymes in the body, this is a neutral pH and 37ºC.

A, C, D: These are all accurate descriptions of enzyme function.

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